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Basic Ken Taylor - specifications

NECK 6 x bolted / canadian hardrock maple
FRETBOARD 24 frets or fretless
SCALE 864 mm / 34", also available with 889 mm / 35" for 5-string
BODY OPTIONS european ash or swamp ash or alder or mahogany and rarewood top
FINISH OPTIONS matt, aged, selected highgloss colours
HARDWARE sandberg
PICKUP 2 sandberg powerhumbucker / PU-split
PREAMP sandberg 3-band, active / passive


colours with matt finish

3-tone sunburst blackburstblueburstbrownburstcherry sunburstgreenburstnatur


All bodies with matt finish colours are made of european ash.

4 selected highgloss colours

selected highgloss colours

black highglossbrownburst highglossvirgin white highglosstranslucent black highgloss

All bodies with highgloss finish colours are made of alder.
Additional option: swampash body.

aged finish

3 decades on stage

For our aged series we have developed unique techniques and special varnishes.
These skills give our instruments a true long time used look and feel.
The very authentic looking aged series is available in three different versions.

type of aging description
1. SOFT AGED slightly worn, some scratches and minor damages,
10 years on stage
2. HARDCORE AGED heavily played, worn and torn surface,
30 years on stage
same as hardcore aged including aged hardware
and fretboard. All MASTERPIECE build basses are
getting vibration treatment to reach
an authentic old school sound.


available species of rarewood:

BubingaBuckeye MapleCocoboloFlamed MapleImbuiaMacassarPear

PearlwoodQuilted MapleSpalted MapleWalnutWengeZebranobahia


All bodies are made of mahogany with rarewood top.

optional finish

optional finishes

gold leaf sterling silverzebra voodoozebra 3-tone sunburstzebra bluezebra yellowzebra green

zebra naturzebra red

Basic KenTaylor demo

Basic Ken Taylor demo

Click on the video screen above to watch MarloweDK playing a sandberg Basic Ken Taylor on this demo video.

additional videos:
Basic Ken Taylor highgloss
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